Creative Contributor Spotlight: O.M.E.N


O.M.E.N (by D a m i e n) is a brand almost synonymous with Gacha in SL as it has been making gacha since the early days of the gacha craze. It is easy to forget that O.M.E.N has a range of non gacha products which include wearables and clothing. D a m i e n’s Gacha collections are eclectic and wonderfully detailed, with food that looks so delicious you wish you could really eat it. He has also distinguished himself as generous creator – giving back to the players who play his machines so fervently. He pioneered the concept of rewarding these high rollers by surprising them with a limited edition gift, if they exceeded a certain number of plays.

D a m i e n did a fantastic job on the TAG! equipment for this round showing off his versatility. These somber items are a huge contrast to his usual cheerful and colourful creations.

TAG! Gacha begins 12:00a.m on 17th of October 2015. O.M.E.N’s in world store is in transition at present and will be sharing a sim with Dust Bunny very soon. In the meantime, you can whet your appetites looking at his Flickr feed.




O.M.E.N Umbrellas keep you dry




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