Creative Contributor Spotlight – Kriss Lehmann




This round of TAG! has not one, but four Creative Contributors. The first spotlight goes to Kriss Lehmann of Two Leaf Technologies. You may know Kriss from his brand Botanical but what you may not know, is that Kriss is an extremely talented scriptor. In the capable hands of Two Leaf Technologies, our new HUD incorporates tons of behind the scenes capabilities. We now have real time control over the HUD across the board, that will enable us to better assist both stores and players. Store owners will experience a simple rez and click style set up and the ability verify what Rares a player has won and if Rare Coupons have been successfully redeemed. Players will now be spread out, as we had originally intended, with a “Spin” feature that sends them to stores randomly until every store has been tagged. Once the HUD is complete, it becomes a simple teleport device. The new TAG! Gacha system is backed by a server, so players can now be confident they will not lose progress in the event of a crash. Simply put, Two Leaf has made our original event concept a reality while improving the experience of everyone involved.

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