TAG! Gacha – How To Play Step By Step


~ Go to Gachatopia to join the trade group for help and trading ~

~ Grab a HUD located at the Starting Point ~

~ Wear the HUD and accept the request to teleport then follow the directions in local chat to activate it ~

 ~ After you have activated your HUD you can spin to get to the first store ~

~ Play the gacha and collect a Mystery Coupon RARE if you can! Or spin your HUD to go to the next machine ~

~ Tag the board next to the machine so your HUD knows you were there ~

~ Visit all 50 stores and play for prizes. Tag every board to unlock the Bonus Room ~

~ Visit the Bonus Room to find even more bonus gacha! Tag the board there to unlock the Coupon Room ~

~ Visit the Coupon Room to redeem any Mystery Coupons you have won ~

~ When you get there, hold your Mystery Coupon in your hand and click the store vendor that matches your coupon ~

~ Receive your Mystery Rare then head back out for more! ~

~ Use your HUD as a teleporter to explore the locations until midnight slt the last day of the event! ~



I am banned from one of the participating sims. What do I do?

Please contact an event owner if you wish to discuss your ban from any of the sims along the way. In some cases the event owners can bypass a location on your HUD for you so you can complete it. Also, keep in mind everything from TAG gacha is transfer, so an alt is another option.


Why is the HUD only available at Gachatopia?

There are fifty stores on the HUD and the fairest way for all of them to get the traffic from this event is to start at a neutral place. TAG! Gacha also needs sims to host the supporting builds for the event which are on the event owners land. Logically the HUD is distributed there.


Will my HUD remember my progress?

Yes it will. Your progress is stored on a server and remains the same no matter what happens to your avatar.


Are you logging my IP address?

No. The TAG! Gacha HUD is based on your Second Life avatar UUID and does not log your IP address or any personal information.


Do I HAVE to visit all the stores if I don’t want to?

No. But you will have to visit all of the stores and the bonus room if you want to redeem any coupons you have won.


My Mystery Rare Coupon is no transfer! Does that mean the prize is no transfer?

No. The Mystery prizes are all transferable.


Do I have to unlock the HUD before I can redeem my prize coupon?

Yes. You must visit all stores and the bonus room to get to the coupon room. Even if you have the location you cannot use coupons unless your HUD is unlocked.


TAG! Gacha is over and I still have mystery coupons left!

TAG! Gacha Mystery Coupons are not redeemable after 11:59pm slt the last day of the event.


Do we need to be in the Gachatopia! chat group to play TAG! Gacha?

No. The Gachatopia! chat group is the official trading group and also the group for early access.


What is the rare rate set to on the gacha machines?

The rare rate is at the stores discretion but you can see it by left clicking the machine and choosing “touch”. A blue drop down menu will tell you the rare rate.


I have a problem with a RARE (mystery or other).

Please contact the creator. They have a record of the rares that are won and coupons that have been successfully redeemed.