TAG! Gacha Returns!

The Side Show Dates

TAG! Gacha returns with a new improved HUD, new creators and some very special bonus content. This round we take you past the circus, past the carnival and into the Side Show! A Side Show, by definition, is a small attraction or spectacle, often hidden on the outskirts of a larger event. It is there you would find the greatest of oddities and wonders. The potions, the fortunes and the freaks were all behind these curtains, waiting to be discovered. TAG! Gacha raises the bar in Second Life gacha entertainment with creative contributions from Contraption, Death Row Designs and Remarkable Oblivion, this coming April. It’s a wonder…what curiosities await you….

See You soon!

Thank you players, creators and friends for your incredible feedback and support. As promised, TAG! Gacha will return. Many of the same creators will be joining us for our next round which will feature a new and improved HUD, new interactive features and some very special bonus content. See you soon!


The Templars

TAG! Gacha OPEN!

Haunted Studio HostessTAG! Gacha is now OPEN

TAG! Gacha Starting Point

 “You darling Gacha Junkies what have you done? Ravaged the machines have you? Take your time now and look over all of your loot because those Mystery Coupons will disappear on Halloween night!  Not sure you have everything you say? Don’t worry, I have all of the Mystery Rares revealed next to the gacha keys now. You have one week left before the go poof!”

Love, Ester

Gacha Equipment

Our friends over at Junk have crafted this one of a kind machine for TAG! Gacha the Haunted Studio. This is what you are looking for when you go from store to store. If you have not seen this brand before visit their mainstore and experience the unique stylings of this one of a kind brand. For more information on game play, keep an eye out for Ester’s announcements on Flikr or here on our website!

Junk Gacha Equipment

Coming this Halloween!

Redemption Arch 02

TAG! Gacha – The Haunted Studio

OPENS: October 17th at 12am

Closes: October 31st at 12am

A whole new way to gacha is coming this Halloween as the Creators Studio presents its first ever TAG! Gacha event. Fifty of Second Life’s best gacha creators will be making exclusive Halloween content for SL’s most celebrated time of year.

Get ready to journey back to the 1950’s and discover the dark secrets of Redemption Studios, as you tour all fifty stages to your inevitable END. Your journey begins on October 17th, at Gachatopia, the land of gacha! Join the group Gachatopia! inworld by visiting the sim and be on the first flight out.



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