Creative Contributor Spotlight: Contraption

contraption morgue

Once again, the genius of Contraption graces our Creative Contributor spotlight. The creative force behind Contraption is Walton Wainwright and his brand is no stranger to the gacha scene. Many of his gacha collections are not only highly prized for the steampunk, Victoriana aesthetic but for the functionality of the item as well. What many players may not be aware of is that these collections usually have a rich original backstory, written by Walton himself, which makes his products a truely artisan creation.

Walton created the fine details that bring the sinister finish to the morgue (aka Bonus Room). Prepare to have your hair stand on end when TAG! Gacha opens at midnight on the 17th of October 2015.

Visit Contraption’s store at Ossonno.



Meet Frederik – your TAG! Gacha host


Frederik the Undertaker


“I am sorry for your loss. My sincere condolences. Do not worry,

TAG! Gacha opens at midnight on the 17th of October…”


Creative Contributor Spotlight: O.M.E.N


O.M.E.N (by D a m i e n) is a brand almost synonymous with Gacha in SL as it has been making gacha since the early days of the gacha craze. It is easy to forget that O.M.E.N has a range of non gacha products which include wearables and clothing. D a m i e n’s Gacha collections are eclectic and wonderfully detailed, with food that looks so delicious you wish you could really eat it. He has also distinguished himself as generous creator – giving back to the players who play his machines so fervently. He pioneered the concept of rewarding these high rollers by surprising them with a limited edition gift, if they exceeded a certain number of plays.

D a m i e n did a fantastic job on the TAG! equipment for this round showing off his versatility. These somber items are a huge contrast to his usual cheerful and colourful creations.

TAG! Gacha begins 12:00a.m on 17th of October 2015. O.M.E.N’s in world store is in transition at present and will be sharing a sim with Dust Bunny very soon. In the meantime, you can whet your appetites looking at his Flickr feed.




O.M.E.N Umbrellas keep you dry




Creative Contributor Spotlight: Seven Emporium


Our next Creative Contributor is the much beloved Seven Emporium. Agustkov is the talent behind this brand and has played a big part in popularizing retro Americana décor in SL. Agustkov has come to be known for the painstaking detail he puts in his work and the high level of realism in the finished product. Seven Emporium’s contribution to Tag is the cemetery itself – a task that was executed elegantly, demonstrating again what a fine line he walks between virtual décor and art. You can visit Seven Emporium’s main store in Caye Verte. Come visit the cemetery when TAG! Gacha opens on the 17th of October 2015.




Creative Contributor Spotlight – AptB

AptB Creator Spotlight

AptB is one of the four contributors for this round of TAG! Gacha. Avid gacha players will recognize this brand which has become a favorite among gacha enthusiasts in Second Life. The starting point of the event is Redemption Mortuary, where players begin their journey by visiting the funeral taking place inside. This elegant funeral home sets a somber mood before you are whisked off to your first location. Take a moment to visit AptB at their mainstore before you grab a friend and your best mourning attire for this one of a kind adventure on October 17th. See you there!

TAG! Gacha – The Haunted Mortuary

TAG! Gacha The Haunted Mortuary sm


Join us and your favorite creators this Halloween for another adventure in Second Life gacha. This round will take you to the Haunted Mortuary and then out across the grid to discover the collections of creators like AptB, O.M.E.N, Contraption and Seven Emporium. Join the group Gachatopia! inworld to stay in the know and be the first out of the gate when the event starts.

Your Halloween just got real.

Creative Contributor Spotlight – DRD

Death Row Designs has their own style and its written all over the builds for TAG! Gacha The Side Show. From the Starting Point to the Bonus Room Jaimy had her hand in it all but no where more prevalent than in the Coupon Room. This vast room with a double staircase entrance is the finishing touch on your journey through TAG. Visit all things DRD at their mainstore to learn more about this amazing brand. As for the Coupon Room? You will need to work harder to see that….

 Museum View 02

Museum View 01

Creative Contributor Spotlight – Contraption

Side Show Equipment01

The Equipment this round is made by the one and only Contraption. Arguably one of the most recognizable and unique brands in Second Life, Contraption was the obvious choice TAG! Gacha The Side Show. These are the items you will see at every location, The Machine, The Tag Board, The Coupon and new for this round is a Landing Pad to give creators more control over where players land in their stores. These are just a few of the things you will see along the way made by Contraption, not to mention another amazing collection at the mainstore on April 17th!


Creative Contributor Spotlight – Remarkable Oblivion

Side Show EntranceOur second Creative Contributor is Sebastian from Remarkable Oblivion. Sebastian produced the entrance for the starting point of TAG! The Side Show with all his usual skill and flair for detail. Players will walk through a traditional but utterly unique clown face to begin their journey. Fans of this popular Second Life brand will also find other RO details close by that really set the mood and feel for this round. What we all look forward to, however, can be found by spinning the game HUD and discovering the Remarkable Oblivion mainstore. Expect another amazing gacha collection and mystery rare from RO along the way!

Creative Contributor Spotlight – Kriss Lehmann




This round of TAG! has not one, but four Creative Contributors. The first spotlight goes to Kriss Lehmann of Two Leaf Technologies. You may know Kriss from his brand Botanical but what you may not know, is that Kriss is an extremely talented scriptor. In the capable hands of Two Leaf Technologies, our new HUD incorporates tons of behind the scenes capabilities. We now have real time control over the HUD across the board, that will enable us to better assist both stores and players. Store owners will experience a simple rez and click style set up and the ability verify what Rares a player has won and if Rare Coupons have been successfully redeemed. Players will now be spread out, as we had originally intended, with a “Spin” feature that sends them to stores randomly until every store has been tagged. Once the HUD is complete, it becomes a simple teleport device. The new TAG! Gacha system is backed by a server, so players can now be confident they will not lose progress in the event of a crash. Simply put, Two Leaf has made our original event concept a reality while improving the experience of everyone involved.

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